Rotative Accumulation Table


  1. Tripod support base 3 mm formed, welded & polished S.St AISI 316 Base diameter 1000 mm + M16 spindle articulated foot
  2. Main support telescopic twin tube for height adjustment 4" polished S.St AISI 316
  3. Bearing main housing 250 mm long between parallel bearings (inside telescopic tubes)
  4. Trust bearing + 2 self-aligning bearings
  5. Main support frame 5 mm thick for attaching main bearing support & the gear motor
  6. Arms for the connecting round panel skirt & main support
  7. Round panel skirt 2 mm thick 220 mm height polished S.St AISI 316
  8. Drive shaft S.St AISI 304.
  9. Twin sprocket + transmission power chain 10-B.
  10. Gear motor.
  11. Carry surface diameter 1000 mm thickness made of polished S.St AISI 5 mm Reinforcing plate made of P.V.C 10 mm thickness
  12. Balance supports with multi directional bearing for uniform balancing surface.
  13. Guide rail brackets with eyebolt knob D=12 mmS.St AISI 303.
  14. Connecting rod between guide rail & brackets D=12 mm S.St AISI 303.
  15. Surrounding Guide clamps.
  16. Surrounding guide D=12 S.St AISI 304.
  17. Surrounding guide extruded rod profile UHMW-PE with basic profile polished S.St AISI 304.
  18. Surrounding guide wide extruded profile UHMW-PE with basic profile polished S.St AISI.


Rotative Accumulation Table G